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Stroller Cocolatte Trip R

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A quality baby stroller, not only to make baby sitting comfort, to be able to ensure the safety of the baby, mothers are more at ease, of course, be able to tell mother effort better. The cocolatte trip folding stand, not only so that the mother no longer have to bend over the car, but also travel becomes exceptionally lightweight. In addition, the backrest angle can be adjusted to fully meet the baby sitting, lying, lying to the different needs. The foot plate length can be adjusted, so that the baby legs stretch since , such as to meet the baby lying on the need for the baby with the meticulous care and concern. Carefully, the boy in particular for the armrest and glove before the baby ready removable basket, so you and your baby travel worry-free. More specifically, the humane love skylight design, allows you to be able to pay attention to every moment of the baby to travel. Such a lightweight stroller, whether you choose what kind of lifestyle, what kind of living conditions, and I am sure will be not only understands life but also understands the work of clever wise choice!


* Suitable for ages 0 -36 months
* Aluminium alloy body, the body light
* Backrest angle can be adjusted
* Reversible Seat
* Cloth glove basket, convenient shopping
* five-point seat belts
* Small size when folded and can stand
* Lockable front swivel wheels
* Included fleece line

Additional Information :

* Weight : 9 Kg
* Dimensions (in mm) : 890 * 520 * 1030
* Front and rear wheel diameter: 6.5 inch
* Seat effective width (in mm) : 360









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