Coby Haus Fence Play Yard 8+2

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Product Description

Lots of mothers should have experience greatly that the baby under the age of 2 is always crawling around at home. Children seemed to have endless energy to explore the world, they also have no sense of security and the body ability to control is still in development.
The Coby Haus Play Fence can provide the children a safety and recreational space.
Features :-
With the diversification of combination, any shapes can be decorated according to your need.
Safety lock design makes parents feel at ease in any place when baby is playing.
Easy & quick installation
Panel Size ( 1pc ) = 40cm (L) x 60cm (H)
Door Rail / Play Rail Size = 80cm (L) x 60cm (H)
Panel Colour ( 8pc ) : Pastel Blue & Lilac & Green & Yellow
Play Rail ( 1pc ) : Beige
Door Rail (1pc ): Beige
The play fence will consist of total 10pcs.


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